Focus Area

Data Technologies

Integrate data technologies in your business to leverage data as a strategic asset to enhance various aspects of your operations, decision-making, and overall performance.

Stratus Data Solution Offerings

AI Analyst

Our AI chatbot allows you to talk to your own data.  By talking directly to your data, you skip the analyst and get answers to your most pressing questions in seconds instead of days.

Power BI and Tableau Dashboards

Seamlessly track, analyze, and optimize your product offerings in real-time. From market performance to individual product insights, empower your decision-making across industries with a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard.

Automated Machine Learning

Accelerate model creation, refine predictions, and uncover insights seamlessly. Leverage automation for streamlined workflows and advanced analytics to future-proof your business across industries.

Data Warehouses

Centralize and organize your information, enabling seamless analysis and informed decision-making.

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