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We work closely with clients to make data their competitive advantage.

The Future, Today

Predictive AI  •  360° Dashboards  •  Realtime Analytics

Driving growth and margin through…

  • AI Demand Forecasting, Churn Prevention, and Customer  Lifetime Value Predictions
  • 360° Dashboards of your Business, Customers, and Products
  • Data Automation bringing data to your fingertips, in realtime

Let your computer do the thinking

Artificial Intelligence  •  Machine Learning & Optimization

Today’s computers can discover patterns that human minds can’t—if equipped with the right algorithms. Recommend the perfect songs, movies, and restaurants. Identify high-risk patients and intervene at the right time. Know exactly what products to place on shelves, and when. Backed by years of cross-industry experience, we’ll develop the technology to deliver the insights you need, whatever the use case. Our foundations in engineering, statistics, and modern data techniques enable us to build rigorous algorithms from the ground up, so that you can make faster, smarter decisions.

Own your knowledge base


All organizations have data, but not everyone makes full use of it. It takes thoughtful architecture to centralize often large, complex, and disparate datasets into an effective knowledge base. That’s where we come in. We design unified datastores that enable 360-degree views of what matters to you: your organization, your products, your customers. We make sure you can trust your data, through mindful data governance that compliments your data warehouse. And once you have command of your data, we’ll bring monitoring and analysis into the loop. Come away with the peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s going right—and wrong—in your organization, at all times.

Secure your place in tomorrow’s world


Software took over the world, and now data’s doing the same. As technology races ahead, data’s getting cheaper, and many organizations are already taking advantage. In ten, five, or even two years, they’re the ones who will be ahead—exponentially. And this is the opportunity that stands before each team. We’re here to sit down with your leadership to think through what a successful tomorrow means for you: how to build data into your strategy, products, and operations.

How we evolved a traditional healthcare manufacturer into a data-driven powerhouse

The partnership has transformed the performance and future of our company.”